Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Movies

The Broke and the Bookish have come up with yet another great Top Ten Tuesday Topic: Top Ten Books That Should Be Made into Movies:

I am actually getting kind of sick of the Books Into Movies Craze that has been going on lately. I mean, I get it to an extent, but after you see the movie the usual comment is "the book is WAY better than the movie" ... so why not just read the book and live with that? Don't disappoint yourself with the movie adaptation, inevitably it won't be what you envisioned in your mind, and directors/producers are going to change things to how they want it to be - either so it fits their version of the story better, so it is more visually striking, so it will appeal to the masses, etc. 

1 - Ender's Game - This is cheating because it is being made into a movie as we speak. But still, it hasn't YET, so I can still put it on this list. It's going to be awesome - or so I can only hope.

2 - Tender is the Night - I haven't finished reading this book yet, but I really love it. I'm 2/3 of the way through it - I think a movie could be made from this, or at least use the story for some sort of inspiration.

3 - The Blind Assassin - read this for @1book140 on Twitter, and it was very very good. It's written in a way where it almost reads like a movie. I think it isn't far fetched to say that I'm sure this will be made into one at some point - if it isn't, then Hollywood is crazy.

4 - Gunslinger and/or the entire Dark Tower Series - They could either just do The Gunslinger, see how it goes with the general public (horror dorks would be thrilled, myself included), or they could just sign a contract for all of the books to be made into movies (similar to the Harry Potter series).

5 - A Wrinkle in Time - a classic from my childhood, I think it has all the qualifications to make a great movie.

6 - The Alchemist -But it HAS to be directed by this guy:

Tarsem Singh. 
If you haven't seen any of his movies, you have to. He is known for his work on The Immortals, The Cell, and my favorite, The Fall. Seriously, check him out.

The photos don't EVEN do his beautiful imagery any justice. The colors, settings, wardrobe, makeup EVERYTHING that he comes up with - I love.

I think that's all I can come up with. Six books.
Now, if I could have done Book/Movie remakes that need to be REMADE, I could come up with quite a few.

Also, for a quick rant: if you turn ALL of the great books/literature into movies, then younger generations will have NO REASON to read. They can simply run to a Redbox or jump on Netflix and watch it.

But, I should also say that there is something particularly exciting about seeing your favorite book being made into a movie (or even remade). The idea of seeing how your imagination compares to someone else, to see what visual representations they will choose to embellish or not, to see what they will change... it all adds to the anticipation of seeing the book remade.  I am guilty of this anticipation for movies too, specifically of late because of The Great Gatsby.

It's already been made into a movie - but this new version has Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Which you may roll your eyes at, but that's ok.

On to reading!

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