"Well, the flag is out..."

On a jaunting trip with my book nerd friend to a little book shop we had never been to before, I came across Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. It’s something I have always wanted to read, and I’ve always been a little bit interested in her life… Plus this shirt has always caught my eye:

I wouldn’t feel right wearing it if I didn’t know what it was all about though, you see.

In addition, I would just like to see if she lives up to all of the hype. 

The little book store that we went to was ... odd. It is an old house, painted robin’s egg blue, with all of the shades drawn so it never looks open. There are no hours of operation on the front door. There is a small parking lot in the back because the front of the house sits right against a busy road. We tentatively tried the backdoor and found that it was open, so we went inside. The whole house has been transformed into a library, including an upstairs attic where you basically have to crouch in order to avoid bumping your head.

Upon mentioning to the notsolovely patron at the front desk that we couldn’t really tell if they were open, she scoffed at us and said “well, the flag is out...” in a rather snooty tone. So, as we drove away we circled around to the front of the book shop to see if we had missed an OPEN flag or something.

All we could do was laugh when we saw a little flag out front, a flag that said nothing about being open, didn’t even indicate that this was a book store. In fact, the flag was of a Border Collie dog. Similar to this:

“Well, the flag is out”. Yeah, like THAT screams “We’re Open”.

On to reading!


  1. Weston - it was very strange! Like, the lady just EXPECTED we should know that a border collie flag meant they would be open... Oh well, at least I got a book out of the whole deal :)