Naked Lunch

What. Just. Happened.

That’s the only thought I had in my head the WHOLE time I was reading this. 

It’s like reading someone’s heroin induced dream full of sickening, SICKENING details. I am a pretty "sick" person in some regard, I can take a nasty joke, I can laugh about things that others might find garish, but to me this book was WAY over the top.

I mean, it needs one of those parental warning stickers on the front:

There is no plot.

There are a lot of references to different secretions a body can make.

It was all just too much for me.

Apparently they made a movie of this? If it isn’t a sadomasochistic gay/bi porno then I don’t know how they could have made a movie out of it.

Basically what I got from this was: Don’t Do Drugs. Especially Heroin. 

 On to reading!

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