Lookey Lookey I got a Bookey

Yes! More books!


So, in the event that Borders was closing down, and I wanted to get in there and scrape up some good deals, I bought these two little books:

Small though they may be, I have always wanted them, and they were relatively cheap.

Then, a few days later, after I had FINALLY summoned up the courage to buy my first Kurt Vonnegut book, my book nerd friend goes yard sale-ing and finds these little gems:

A whole stack of Vonnegut books for something like cents a piece!
He got me Slaughterhouse Five too, but since I had JUST purchased it, we gifted it to our other book nerd friend.

THEN, on a completely random road trip with my boo, we decided to hit up Barnes & Noble (because there was nothing else besides a Buffalo Wild Wings to take up our wasted time). I caved and bought these because I've been eyeing them for quite some time.

The Odyssey & The Iliad because I know I can convince my non-reading boyfriend to get into it (he is a freak for mythology)...

and H.P. Lovecraft because I had just done a bloggity post not too long ago about how I needed to get into his stuff.

Glory in it's beauty.

I've just cracked open Beloved by Toni Morrison right now, and so far finding it pretty interesting (as well as a little confusing - probably just need to get into a little further).

On to reading!

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