Between Books

Oh boy. Talk about an incredibly rough week. 10-16 hour days at work combined with a death in the family = one drained cookie.

So, sorry about the lack of posts dearest bloggity friends.

I don't exactly have anything great to post right now... I am in the middle of The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It's about the Price family who travel into the Belgian Congo in 1959 to spread the word of God.

The Price family consists of:
Nathan Price - a bullying evangelical Baptist preacher.
Orleanna Price - the wife of Nathan, a woman beat down by her husband's mean words and actions.
Rachel Price - the eldest of the four Price daughters, she is sixteen and blonde as can be, and hates the fact that they are stuck in the Congo when she should be back in Georgia.
Leah and Adah Price - twins who are complete opposites of one another (or at least where I am at in the book, I'm sure plenty of these descriptions will change as the book continues). Leah is a tomboy who wants her father's praise more than anything. Adah, who barely talks to anyone and has no control of the left side of her body, reads fervently and is much smarter than most seem to understand.
The youngest Price daughter is Ruth May, a courageous and curious five year old little girl.

Each section is divided by different books of the bible (Genesis, Revelations, etc), and further broken down by the different girl's perspectives of what is going on in their lives and in the Congo. Each girl has a completely different voice within the piece, and it makes it very interesting to read.

So far I am enjoying it a lot. I just need to get back into the swing of reading. In fact, this month has been so messed up that I haven't gotten into 1book140 for August's beach read, Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. Dang.

On another note, I was informed of a very interesting writing competition that Stylist Magazine is doing. From August 10 - August 16 they will post a picture on their site. You can write a 100 word story to accompany the photo, and they will judge daily to see who wrote the best microfiction story.

Anyway, on to reading!

(P.S. Hug and kiss and high five the ones you love as much as possible)


  1. Oooo... The Poisonwood Bible was my favorite Kingsolver book until I read The Lacuna. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  2. I LOVE The Poisonwood Bible! I hope you continue to enjoy it!