Funky Fresh

 Honestly - I think this would be the easiest bookcase in the world to make. Paint it funky fun colors - cover it in some crazy awesome wallpaper, and TAH DAH!

For those of us who have a bigger TBR pile than a Read pile... 

Oh trees! How cool are these two? Perfect for a funky nursery or an eco-friendly couple.

Wacky! I'm more or less positive that this photo has just been altered (see how curvy the books are?), but how cool would this be if someone really made it?

 Yes, those are CDs, but imagine books. Beautiful books.

Perfect for medical books? I think so.

 Oh how I wish this photo wasn't kind of blurry. I want this. Like... now. I may be crazy, but I feel as though this wouldn't be too hard to do on your own. Obvs I wouldn't go with purple, but you know.
I have the boyfriend thinking of different ways he could make something like this for me. I want.

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