The Mind of H.P. Lovecraft

So, between being overwhelmed by the amount of guests I have had in my house the last week and working my little tuckus off, I found this funny little site.

All you have to do is put in a teensy little sample of your writing and it tells you which famous author you write most like.
Lucky for me, I got this creepster:

H.P. Lovecraft.

Who apparently writes about characters that look somewhat like these renditions:

Adorable, huh?
Anyway, I've only read a quick little excerpt from the guy - it was "The Call of Cthulu" and I didn't finish it for who knows what reason... but don't worry, with weird creatures like these, why WOULDN'T I read more of his work?

On to reading!


  1. Oh, if you've not read any Lovecraft then you're in for a treat! At the Mountains of Madness is a gem of a story, the whole Dreamquest is excellent. And Dreams in the Witch House is suitably creepy.

  2. I am always down for creepiness! I think I will definitely have to check out some of his work asap.

  3. his creatures are awesome, that makes me want to read his stuff haha