Dark Tower Series? Check.

While trying to overcome this horrible illness that has overtaken me the last couple of days, I finally pushed myself to finish Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

Writing a review on a book that took me a year to read is a little tough, but I will try my best. Again, there may be mini-spoilers, say sorry.

So this book started with Father Callahan, Jake and Oy. For anyone who does not know, Jake is the little boy from the first book, who dies, and comes back to life. Oy is a weird little badger dog thing, and Father Callahan is the priest character from Salem’s Lot who joined us in The Dark Tower Series Wolves of the Calla.
The three of them are in this showdown against the Crimson King’s cronies – someone dies. Ok, I will just tell you, it’s Father Callahan.
Jake and Oy run off and get back together with Susannah, who has given birth to Mordred - a half spider, half baby thing. It scuttles away before Susannah can kill it. Dang.

Everyone gets all back together (ka-tet again, if you will) and they go off to try to destroy The Breakers, who are a group of psychics that have been forced into trying to break the beams that support The Dark Tower.

So, that is basically where I was like… eh, I’m done with this. And I took a break.

When I started the book back up again, Stephen King decided that the ka-tet must save Stephen King. Which made me palm-slap my forehead. I mean, I just don’t understand how you can write yourself into your own book. It seems so weird. Anyway, at one point they must try to save Stephen King before he gets hit by a van that is barreling down the road [an accident that did in fact happen in real life, in case anyone didn’t know that]. They succeed, but not without sacrifice.

I was a little upset by the ending of this book. The Ultimate Showdown between Roland and the Crimson King was very lame. I was looking for an awesome face-off and got nothing.
And then the very end. I mean, really?
That’s all I can say.
Stephen King was once quoted as saying that this was the ONLY ending that could have happened. I disagree. But, I am not the man who wrote these 7 books. If that’s the ending he wanted, who am I to say it should be different? Although, for the record, it should be.

On to reading!

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