A Complaint Towards Stephen King

I can’t even begin to explain how hard it is for me to get through The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I mean, I literally powered through all SIX of the other books in no time. It was to the point where I was sitting at the door waiting for the mail man to show up and give me the next book (because, unlike most people, I decided I would order them all individually online - instead of being smart and just going to a store and buying all seven at once…). 

So here I am, an entire YEAR later, and I still can not get through the last of the seven books. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it – pulled weeds, cleaned house, watched mindless television shows... and I still can not bring myself to finish it.

Am I worried that I won’t know what to do with myself once Roland of Gilead finishes his quest for the Dark Tower? Not really.
Am I sick of reading about all of the same characters? Not really.
Am I upset because everyone seems to be getting killed off? Maybe a little.
Am I irritated with the turn of events that Stephen King has presented? Definitely.

Ok, if you haven’t read this book, and really want to at some point, there are going to be mini-spoilers. So, lookout.

The “plot twist” that has made me sort of go “Mmmm not so sure how I feel about these books anymore” is the fact that Stephen King has written himself into the books.
Now, I know for some people this was probably a totally BRILLIANT moment, but for me it was a mood killer. I’m not sure if I feel like King is patting himself on the back, showing how awesome he is that he can be a character in one of his own books, or what. I just know that it bugs me.
And the fact that all existence is dependent upon Stephen King. I mean really? If he doesn’t write these books the tower will collapse and all of the worlds will fall too. It’s very hard for me to buy into that (even for a science fiction series).
It also bugs me that he keeps referring to all of his other works. I know you’ve been obsessed with the Tower since you were nineteen buddy, but I just don’t understand why you had to write yourself into the book as a main character. Like, as an integral part to the existence of all humanity.

Maybe I am just not “getting it” like everyone else.
I will definitely finish this though. I can’t go six and a half books into a seven book series (soon to be eight book series) and then just quit.
Wish me luck on getting through this.
On to reading!

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