Lost in List Euphoria

Eegads! I have found something sooo cool... but lets be honest, it's probably old news. Goodreads.com? If you aren't behind the times like me [I just did my first ever "tweet" yesterday], you should totally check this out. Not only do I love books, but I love when people show me tons of books I may not have heard of, and I LOVE making lists.
Lists are so rad.
And guess what? This website has all of that! SO cool. I may not be able to stop adding books to my "to-read" list now that I have found this website. I may be addicted.

Anyway friends, I am reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck, I will be finished with it today (its a wee little book), but I am leaving directly after work on a relatively unplanned trip to help a friend through an unexpected death in the family. Although I would LOVE to read while I am driving, I'm not sure that would be for the best. Instead, I will just listen to my all time favorite, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, because it is the only audiobook I happen to own, and it will help the drive go by faster. And I can daydream of how awesome the new movie remake of the book could be - Leo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire... that girl from Pillars of the Earth mini series... Sounds intriguing, no? Not to mention - filmed in 3D? That part makes me scratch my head, but I can only hope they wont ruin anything.

So, until I return with those two reviews, keep yourselves busy with Goodreads.
On to reading [...and driving]!

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