Lookey lookey, I got a bookey

I am stoked to own yet another Tom Robbins book. I was randomly gifted a worn copy of Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas one night at work from a man who is now in prison, and I really enjoyed it. I loved how Robbins carried you through a spiritualistic crazy journey involving reptilian, and potentially alien, life. It is the only book by him that I have read, minus little snippets of B is for Beer, since I do work in a Beer Market and it is proudly displayed on the coffee table… I was told by my boss that he really enjoyed Jitterbug Perfume, and that it may be one of his favorites. So I am looking forward to this novel and Another Roadside Attraction that I previously bought at a used book store a few months ago.
I do not know much about this book, other than it seems to be about a little blue perfume bottle that holds the key to the fountain of youth. Apparently it will involve a janitor, since the back of the book proclaims him to be the hero of the novel. I’m just saying that if a janitor is going to be the hero, then it has got to be a pretty interesting book.
Apparently the used book store that I bought this from was “too expensive”, according to a friend of mine that ventured there with me. I bought this nearly 400 page soft cover book for $4.50, and I thought that it was reasonably priced. Am I wrong in this statement? Should I have perhaps looked for a better deal? I can’t recall other prices of used books I have acquired over time, but this really didn’t seem too steep to me. Possibly I should look into other used book stores… either that or pay attention more to the price I am paying for books.
But do you ever get in that state of mind where you are just SO excited to see SO many books and then, before you know it, you have a giant pile in your arms and a giant smile on your face? That was me. But my self restraint only let me buy this one today.

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