Pint Sized Sunday

Ok. It's going to seem as though I'm getting way off topic here, but trust me, I will have it all swing back around to books in the end.

So, I love tiny things.
Anything miniature will basically make me turn into a squealing little school girl - thus, when I came across these today, I nearly cried.

Please look at how ridiculously adorable these are:

This little guy is called a MetroCabin. It has a kitchen, a bedroom, a porch... even a sliding glass door. It's only 16' x 20'. Love.

Uh. Get out! Look how tiny and perfect. It's called a Micro Compact Home. I wish I could see how the inside works/looks exactly, but these are about the only photos I could find. Blast.

It's called an Arado weeHouse. Mmm yes, maybe I do want it even more because of its name. weeHouse. How absolutely grand. It's 336 sq. ft. of amazingness.

Would it be weird if I wanted to live in these and pretend I was an Ewok? Because I would. It's a company called BaumRaum, and they offer all sorts of different tree houses... including... drum roll... tree house hotels!

Now, if this isn't love... I don't know what is. Teensy weensy little baby houses! They come in all sorts of different small sizes too. TumbleWeed Tiny House Company is who makes them and, well, I would be lying if I said I never ever wanted to own one. The little guy on the left is 117 sq ft. [with built in bookcases mind you!]. The one on the right is a mere 65 sq. ft. [aka 7' x 11'].

This was the first tiny house I ever saw. I was browsing last year on the internet looking for miniature things [don't ask me why] and found these. Super cute! All sorts of different sizes and styles too, but all very ultra urban cool. My favorite part? Staircase/Bookcase combo. 
Now, yes, by mentioning the word "book" a few times in this post, I guess I have somehow stayed in the theme of this bloggity blog. 
But yet, wait:

If I had one of these tiny houses, guess what I would read?

Why, tiny books, of course!

Happy Sunday all!

On to reading!

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