Lookey Lookey I Got a Bookey (for cheap AND for charity)

So, I found this thrift store the other day while out and about with a book nerd friend of mine. They have funky old furniture, clothing, movies (specifically a large collection of VHS tapes), and BOOKS. And not like a thousand dusty copies of romance novels, but relatively good books. Thus, for 99 cents each, I bought Tom Robbins' Still Life With Woodpecker and Ann Patchett's Bel Canto. Talk about a deal.

And guess what the thrift stores proceeds benefit? Pets!

Thus more cute dogs, like my own, can find good homes. Hurray.

I am directly in the middle of Kafka on the Shore (which means I am behind in @1book140), and so far this book is cuh-razy. An old man who can talk to cats and predict fish falling from the sky. A fifteen year old kid who wakes up in some bushes covered in someone's blood. Ghosts. All sorts of wackiness (and I am told it only gets wackier). So today, besides cleaning the house, is going to be a power reading day.

 On to reading!

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