Getting to Work

Dearest Whomever -

Thank you for happening upon this blog of incessant book ramblings I plan to do. I’ve never had any experience with a blog before so, needless to say, this could get very interesting for all of us. I guess I should tell you who I am, and what my point is with this book blog.
I am a graduate in English Literature with a Writing Emphasis. So basically [or what I tell people at least] I graduated in Reading and Writing. It may or may not be the most useful degree in the entire world… seeing as I did nothing to get me involved with teaching, or anything of that sort, but I must tell you it was a very enjoyable 4 years of my life. Not only because college can just be flat out fun, and stressful, and time consuming as all get out… but because I was able to read an unruly amount of books in, get this, a very short time. Not that I love to race through books or anything. Some books I like to take my time on. Like the seventh Dark Tower book by Stephen King. It has taken me forever. For-eh-ver. But, I am in no way ashamed of that. Like I said, some books take a long time [and a lot of motivation] to get through.
So, I guess what I am getting at, is that this is my book blog. This is going to be my way of keeping myself in the literary world for as long as possible… because lets be honest… I never want to grow up, and reading is like my Never Never Land.
Books make me happy, and that’s what life is all about – being happy.
There are a plethora of books I have come across in my literary life, but there is  an overabundance of literary works I have yet to even crack open. So, this is my chance to get to all of those books I never came across - or always wanted to and just… didn’t.
So, lets get to work - one broken binding at a time.

That 'tis me, in front of my "library", in my nerdy craft room, with a copy of Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan (one of my favorite books)

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