Holy Hiatus Batman

Hello to any/all that read this ol' bloggity of mine.
Here's the deal.
My computer (a sweet 2004 Dell) decided to DIE. And, try as I might to revive the poor little guy, it was to no avail. He is gone.

RIP "Compy"

So, I got a new one today. A pretty spiffy black one too. With lots of fun lights that are shining at me through my keyboard right now.
Anyway, in about one month I feel like I have done a lot of technological growing up.
I bought an iPhone (and actually started paying for my own cell phone bill, ugh. But also, thanks mom for paying it WAY longer than you ever should have), and I bought this new computer. "Compy 2.0".

So, now I am like a big kid, and that's really freaky.

I was luckily still able to move all my future blog posts over onto this computer, so don't worry, there will be posting soon, I just didn't have a way of getting them to you without getting a new computer, and I finally caved and did it. Hurray!

On to reading!

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  1. Congrats on the new computer and the iPhone!