Planning a Trip.

Planning a trip leads to less reading, apparently.
I've been reading a lot of guide books for Ireland, but I doubt you'd like to hear my reviews on those.

So, instead I will tell you about all of the cool things I am planning:

There were some criteria that we knew we'd have to meet in Ireland.
1) Stay in/tour a castle.
2) Drink a Guinness
3) Do something Irish literature related
4) See some sweet cliffs

Thus, we came up with this.

We are staying in this castle!

We are going to tour the Guinness factory and drink a pint (or two, or three...)

We are going to Trinity College where I can see The Book of Kells.

And we are taking a slight detour in our trip to go see these beautiful cliffs.

Those are just the criteria we had to fulfill, the rest is going to be added fun... such as the fact we will be there for St Patrick's Day... oh, and the fact that it's Ireland!

As you can tell, I'm getting very excited.

But here's my question for all of you. I want to read an Irish author before I get over there. Naturally, I want to either read Oscar Wilde or James Joyce.
For Joyce it would be:

For Wilde probably:
Or really anything by Wilde, I enjoy him.
Suggestions? Have you read one or the other (or both?), and if so, which do you recommend?

Have a great Monday!
On to reading (more travel guides)!

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